Saturday, June 5, 2010

Anger Management

Lately in the Press there have been many announcements of celebrities making the news with their unfortunate choices to use abusive power and control tactics against their spouses.  This is known as Domestic Partner Violence.
Behaviors are learned...  There are triggers, then our past experiences create a belief system, which is that flash of a thought, which instantaneously creates a feeling, that precedes a reactionary behavior.
Whenever we car coming from a place of fear we will respond disrespectfully. The difference between us humans and other animals is our brain... let's use it!  We have no control over the trigger incident, but we do have control over ourselves and our thought processes.  If we change our thoughts we can change the feeling, which changes the behavior, which changes the outcome.
Changing self talk is incredibly powerful.  Try saying to yourself:  "No one is going to spoil my day or night"
In the words of  Dr Richard Greene, Psy.D., MFT "Don't take the 'carrots' that are put in front of you." You have a choice.
You are the only one you have control over in any situation. If you feel yourself getting angry, take a "Time Out", and use some Anger Management Self Talk
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